Class BitbucketPageStreamUtil

  • public final class BitbucketPageStreamUtil
    extends Object
    Provides a way to return Stream of page based on first page and NextPageFetcher.
    • Constructor Detail

      • BitbucketPageStreamUtil

        public BitbucketPageStreamUtil()
    • Method Detail

      • toStream

        public static <T> Stream<BitbucketPage<T>> toStream​(BitbucketPage<T> firstPage,
                                                            NextPageFetcher<T> nextPageFetcher)
        Returns a Stream of Bitbucket Pages. NextPageFetcher provides a way for individual client to provide a way to fetch next page.
        Type Parameters:
        T - Type for Page
        firstPage - First Page
        nextPageFetcher - Used for fetching next page
        Stream of pages.