Class BitbucketPage<T>

  • Type Parameters:
    T - the entity being paged

    public class BitbucketPage<T>
    extends Object
    Basic implementation of a page as returned by all paged resources in Bitbucket Server.
    • Constructor Detail

      • BitbucketPage

        public BitbucketPage()
    • Method Detail

      • getLimit

        public int getLimit()
      • getNextPageStart

        public int getNextPageStart()
      • setNextPageStart

        public void setNextPageStart​(int nextPageStart)
      • setLimit

        public void setLimit​(int limit)
      • getSize

        public int getSize()
      • setSize

        public void setSize​(int size)
      • getStart

        public int getStart()
      • setStart

        public void setStart​(int start)
      • getValues

        public List<T> getValues()
      • setValues

        public void setValues​(List<T> users)
      • isLastPage

        public boolean isLastPage()
      • setLastPage

        public void setLastPage​(boolean lastPage)
      • transform

        public <E> BitbucketPage<E> transform​(Function<? super T,​? extends E> transformFunction)