Class UserSeedChangeListener

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public abstract class UserSeedChangeListener
    extends Object
    implements ExtensionPoint
    Listener notified when a user was requested to changed their seed
    2.160 and 2.150.2, but restricted (unavailable to plugins) before TODO
    • Constructor Detail

      • UserSeedChangeListener

        public UserSeedChangeListener()
    • Method Detail

      • onUserSeedRenewed

        public abstract void onUserSeedRenewed​(@NonNull
                                               User user)
        Called after a seed was changed but before the user is saved.
        user - The target user
      • fireUserSeedRenewed

        public static void fireUserSeedRenewed​(@NonNull
                                               User user)
        Will notify all the registered listeners about the event
        user - The target user