Package jenkins.model

Class BuildDiscarderProperty.ConditionallyHidden

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      • ConditionallyHidden

        public ConditionallyHidden()
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      • filter

        public boolean filter​(Object context,
                              Descriptor descriptor)
        Description copied from class: DescriptorVisibilityFilter
        Decides if the given descriptor should be visible to the user.
        Specified by:
        filter in class DescriptorVisibilityFilter
        context - The object that indicates where the visibility of a descriptor is evaluated. For example, if Hudson is deciding whether a FreeStyleProject should gets a SCMDescriptor, the context object will be the FreeStyleProject. The caller can pass in null if there's no context.
        descriptor - Descriptor whose visibility is evaluated. Never null.
        true to allow the descriptor to be visible. false to hide it. If any of the installed DescriptorVisibilityFilter returns false, the descriptor is not shown.