Package jenkins

Class DailyCheck

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ExtensionPoint, Runnable

    public final class DailyCheck
    extends AsyncPeriodicWork
    Implements a daily update check for update sites and DownloadService.Downloadables that are due. Note that this does not mean that update center information is at most 24 hours old, but rather 24-48 hours. Downloadables are by default due every 24 hours, as are update sites. This check runs every 24 hours, but only updates what is already due, i.e. older than 24 hours. So this ensures that update site information is never older than 48 hours.
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      • DailyCheck

        public DailyCheck()
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      • getRecurrencePeriod

        public long getRecurrencePeriod()
        Description copied from class: PeriodicWork
        Gets the number of milliseconds between successive executions.

        Hudson calls this method once to set up a recurring timer, instead of calling this each time after the previous execution completed. So this class cannot be used to implement a non-regular recurring timer.

        IOW, the method should always return the same value.

        Specified by:
        getRecurrencePeriod in class PeriodicWork