Package hudson.util

Class OneShotEvent

  • public final class OneShotEvent
    extends Object
    Concurrency primitive.

    A OneShotEvent is like a pandora's box. It starts with the closed (non-signaled) state. Multiple threads can wait for the event to become the signaled state.

    Once the event becomes signaled, or the pandora's box is opened, every thread gets through freely, and there's no way to turn it back off.

    Kohsuke Kawaguchi
    • Constructor Detail

      • OneShotEvent

        public OneShotEvent()
      • OneShotEvent

        public OneShotEvent​(Object lock)
    • Method Detail

      • signal

        public void signal()
        Non-blocking method that signals this event.
      • block

        public void block​(long timeout)
                   throws InterruptedException
        Blocks until the event becomes the signaled state.

        If the specified amount of time elapses, this method returns null even if the value isn't offered.

      • isSignaled

        public boolean isSignaled()
        Returns true if a value is offered.