Package hudson.util

Class DoubleLaunchChecker.Schedule

All Implemented Interfaces:
ExtensionPoint, Runnable
Enclosing class:

@Extension public static final class DoubleLaunchChecker.Schedule extends AperiodicWork
  • Constructor Details

    • Schedule

      public Schedule()
  • Method Details

    • getNewInstance

      public AperiodicWork getNewInstance()
      Description copied from class: AperiodicWork
      Gets new instance of task to be executed. Method should return new instance each time, as there no check, if previously scheduled task already finished. Returning same instance could lead to throwing IllegalStateException (especially in case of AsyncAperiodicWork) and therefore scheduling of next tasks will be broken.
      Specified by:
      getNewInstance in class AperiodicWork
      AperiodicWork - timer task instance to be executed
    • getRecurrencePeriod

      public long getRecurrencePeriod()
      Description copied from class: AperiodicWork
      Gets the number of milliseconds between successive executions.

      Jenkins calls this method every time the timer task is scheduled.

      Specified by:
      getRecurrencePeriod in class AperiodicWork
    • doAperiodicRun

      protected void doAperiodicRun()
      Specified by:
      doAperiodicRun in class AperiodicWork