Package hudson.util

Class AdministrativeError

    • Field Detail

      • message

        public final String message
      • title

        public final String title
      • details

        public final Throwable details
    • Constructor Detail

      • AdministrativeError

        public AdministrativeError​(String id,
                                   String title,
                                   String message,
                                   Throwable details)
        id - Unique ID that distinguishes this error from other errors. Must remain the same across Hudson executions. Use a caller class name, or something like that.
        title - A title of the problem. This is used as the HTML title of the details page. Should be just one sentence, like "ZFS migration error."
        message - A short description of the problem. This is used in the "/manage" page, and can include HTML, but it should be still short.
        details - An exception indicating the problem. The administrator can see this once they click "more details".
    • Method Detail

      • isActivated

        public boolean isActivated()
        Description copied from class: AdministrativeMonitor
        Returns true if this monitor is activated and wants to produce a warning message.

        This method is called from the HTML rendering thread, so it should run efficiently.

        Specified by:
        isActivated in class AdministrativeMonitor