Class GroupDetails

  • public abstract class GroupDetails
    extends Object
    Represents the details of a group.
    Kohsuke Kawaguchi
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    • Constructor Detail

      • GroupDetails

        public GroupDetails()
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        public abstract String getName()
        Returns the name of the group.
        never null.
      • getDisplayName

        public String getDisplayName()
        Returns the human-readable name used for rendering in HTML.

        This may contain arbitrary character, and it can change.

        never null.
      • getMembers

        public Set<String> getMembers()
        Returns the members of the group, or null if the members were not retrieved. The results of this method are not live, they represent the membership at the time the GroupDetails was instantiated. As fetching the membership of a group can be an expensive operation, it is preferential to use the SecurityRealm.loadGroupByGroupname(String, boolean) method to retrieve GroupDetails in those cases where you want to try and retrieve the members of the group, though even that method does not guarantee to retrieve the members of a group as the backing SecurityRealm implementation may not support such a query.
        the members of the group at the point in time when the GroupDetails were retrieved, or null if the members were not retrieved.