Class CronTabList

  • public final class CronTabList
    extends Object
    CronTab list (logically OR-ed).
    Kohsuke Kawaguchi
    • Method Detail

      • check

        public boolean check​(Calendar cal)
        Returns true if the given calendar matches
      • checkSanity

        public String checkSanity()
        Checks if this crontab entry looks reasonable, and if not, return an warning message.

        The point of this method is to catch syntactically correct but semantically suspicious combinations, like "* 0 * * *"

      • getValidTimezone

        public static String getValidTimezone​(String timezone)
        Checks if given timezone string is supported by TimeZone and returns the same string if valid, null otherwise
      • previous

        public Calendar previous()
      • next

        public Calendar next()