Class Executables

  • public class Executables
    extends Object
    Convenience methods around Queue.Executable.
    Kohsuke Kawaguchi
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      • Executables

        public Executables()
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      • getEstimatedDurationFor

        public static long getEstimatedDurationFor​(@CheckForNull
                                                   Queue.Executable e)
        Returns the estimated duration for the executable. If the Executable is null the Estimated Duration can't be evaluated, then -1 is returned. This can happen if Computer.getIdleStartMilliseconds() is called before the executable is set to non-null in or if the executor thread exits prematurely, see JENKINS-30456 Protects against AbstractMethodErrors if the Queue.Executable implementation was compiled against Hudson prior to 1.383
        e - Executable item
        the estimated duration for a given executable, -1 if the executable is null