Package winstone

Class HostConfiguration

  • public class HostConfiguration
    extends Object
    Manages the references to individual webapps within the container. This object handles the mapping of url-prefixes to webapps, and init and shutdown of any webapps it manages.
    $Id:,v 1.8 2007/08/02 06:16:00 rickknowles Exp $
    Rick Knowles
    • Method Detail

      • getHostname

        public String getHostname()
      • reloadWebApp

        public void reloadWebApp​(String prefix)
      • getWebRoot

        protected File getWebRoot​(File requestedWebroot,
                                  File warfile)
                           throws IOException
        Setup the webroot. If a warfile is supplied, extract any files that the war file is newer than. If none is supplied, use the default temp directory.