Class JnlpAgentEndpointResolver

  • public class JnlpAgentEndpointResolver
    extends JnlpEndpointResolver
    Stephen Connolly
    • Constructor Detail

      • JnlpAgentEndpointResolver

        public JnlpAgentEndpointResolver​(String... jenkinsUrls)
      • JnlpAgentEndpointResolver

        public JnlpAgentEndpointResolver​(@NonNull
                                         List<String> jenkinsUrls)
      • JnlpAgentEndpointResolver

        public JnlpAgentEndpointResolver​(@NonNull
                                         List<String> jenkinsUrls,
                                         String credentials,
                                         String proxyCredentials,
                                         String tunnel,
                                         SSLSocketFactory sslSocketFactory,
                                         boolean disableHttpsCertValidation)
    • Method Detail

      • setSslSocketFactory

        public void setSslSocketFactory​(SSLSocketFactory sslSocketFactory)
      • getCredentials

        public String getCredentials()
      • setCredentials

        public void setCredentials​(String credentials)
      • setCredentials

        public void setCredentials​(String user,
                                   String pass)
      • getProxyCredentials

        public String getProxyCredentials()
      • setProxyCredentials

        public void setProxyCredentials​(String proxyCredentials)
      • setProxyCredentials

        public void setProxyCredentials​(String user,
                                        String pass)
      • getTunnel

        public String getTunnel()
      • setTunnel

        public void setTunnel​(@CheckForNull
                              String tunnel)
      • isDisableHttpsCertValidation

        public boolean isDisableHttpsCertValidation()
        Determine if certificate checking should be ignored for JNLP endpoint
        true if the HTTPs certificate is disabled, endpoint check is ignored
      • setDisableHttpsCertValidation

        public void setDisableHttpsCertValidation​(boolean disableHttpsCertValidation)
        Sets if the HTTPs certificate check should be disabled. This behavior is not recommended.