Class GlobalLibraries.ForJob

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@Extension(ordinal=0.0) public static class GlobalLibraries.ForJob extends LibraryResolver
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    • ForJob

      public ForJob()
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    • isTrusted

      public boolean isTrusted()
      Description copied from class: LibraryResolver
      Whether these libraries should be run outside the sandbox.
      Specified by:
      isTrusted in class LibraryResolver
    • forJob

      public Collection<LibraryConfiguration> forJob(Job<?,?> job, Map<String,String> libraryVersions)
      Description copied from class: LibraryResolver
      Check for libraries visible to a given job.

      An implementation may ignore the libraryVersions parameter and simply list configured libraries visible to the job; the caller will select which libraries to actually load, taking into account LibraryConfiguration.isImplicit(). Or it may dynamically generate library configurations by matching library names against some predefined pattern.

      By returning a library with a matching name, this resolver “claims” that entry of libraryVersions; subsequent resolvers will not be offered that entry. It is an error if no resolver claims a given entry. Multiple resolvers might return a library of a given name if the libraries are implicit, in which case only the first will be loaded.

      Specified by:
      forJob in class LibraryResolver
      job - a job
      libraryVersions - libraries explicitly requested in the job, as a map from LibraryConfiguration.getName() to version or null; may be empty
      a possibly empty collection of associated libraries
    • fromConfiguration

      public Collection<LibraryConfiguration> fromConfiguration(org.kohsuke.stapler.StaplerRequest request)
      Description copied from class: LibraryResolver
      A list of libraries that may have already been configured in this context. Implementations should only return libraries that the current user has permission to configure in this context.
      fromConfiguration in class LibraryResolver
      request - a web request
      known libraries, if any (empty by default)
    • suggestedConfigurations

      public Collection<LibraryConfiguration> suggestedConfigurations(ItemGroup<?> group)
      Description copied from class: LibraryResolver
      A list of libraries that might be visible in a given location. Typically would be the same as LibraryResolver.forJob(hudson.model.Job<?, ?>, java.util.Map<java.lang.String, java.lang.String>) applied to AbstractItem.getParent(). If a resolver can dynamically generate library configurations, it can simply return one or more examples here.
      suggestedConfigurations in class LibraryResolver
      group - Jenkins root or some folder
      any suggested libraries (empty by default)