Package hudson.matrix

Class Layouter<T>

    • Constructor Detail

      • Layouter

        public Layouter​(AxisList axisList)
        Automatically split axes to x,y, and z.
    • Method Detail

      • width

        public int width​(int n)
        Computes the width of n-th X-axis.
      • repeatX

        public int repeatX​(int n)
        Computes the repeat count of n-th X-axis.
      • height

        public int height​(int n)
        Computes the width of n-th Y-axis.
      • getRows

        public List<Layouter.Row> getRows()
        Gets list of Layouter.Rows to be displayed. The Layouter.Row object is reused, so every value in collection returns the same object (but with different values.)