Class AbstractGitSCMSource.SpecificRevisionBuildChooser

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      • getCandidateRevisions

        public Collection<hudson.plugins.git.Revision> getCandidateRevisions​(boolean isPollCall,
                                                                             String singleBranch,
                                                                             org.jenkinsci.plugins.gitclient.GitClient git,
                                                                             TaskListener listener,
                                                                             BuildData buildData,
                                                                             BuildChooserContext context)
                                                                      throws hudson.plugins.git.GitException,
        Get a list of revisions that are candidates to be built.

        This method is invoked on the node where the workspace exists, which may not be the controller.

        getCandidateRevisions in class BuildChooser
        isPollCall - true if this method is called from pollChanges.
        singleBranch - contains the name of a single branch to be built this will be non-null only in the simple case, in advanced cases with multiple repositories and/or branches specified then this value will be null.
        git - Used for invoking Git
        listener - build log
        buildData - build data to be used Information that captures what we did during the last build.
        context - Object that provides access back to the model object. This is because the build chooser can be invoked on an agent where there's no direct access to the build/project for which this is invoked. If isPollCall is false, then call back to both project and build are available. If isPollCall is true, then only the callback to the project is available as there's no contextual build object.
        the candidate revision. Can be an empty set to indicate that there's nothing to build.
        hudson.plugins.git.GitException - on git error
        IOException - on input or output error
        InterruptedException - when interrupted