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C D F G I N P S 


configure(StaplerRequest, JSONObject) - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalBuildStepDescriptor


DescriptorImpl() - Constructor for class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalCredentialsImpl.DescriptorImpl
doCheckRunTag(String) - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalBuildStepDescriptor
doCheckTestId(String) - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalBuildStepDescriptor
doCheckUserId(String) - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalBuildStepDescriptor
doFillTestIdItems(String) - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalBuildStepDescriptor
doFillUserIdItems() - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalBuildStepDescriptor
doTestLogin(String, Secret) - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalCredentialsImpl.DescriptorImpl


fetchAllTests(String, Secret) - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalFetchTestDetails
FrugalAction - Class in io.jenkins.plugins
This action appears during execution of build step, once test has been started
FrugalAction() - Constructor for class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalAction
FrugalBuildStep - Class in io.jenkins.plugins
The operations taking place at build time are coded here
FrugalBuildStep(String, String, String, boolean) - Constructor for class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalBuildStep
FrugalBuildStepDescriptor - Class in io.jenkins.plugins
Build Step Descriptor: This file takes input from the user for the "Frugal Testing" Build Step option.
FrugalBuildStepDescriptor() - Constructor for class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalBuildStepDescriptor
FrugalBuildStepDescriptor(String) - Constructor for class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalBuildStepDescriptor
FrugalCredentials - Interface in io.jenkins.plugins
This interface defines the format of credentials that this plugin will use
FrugalCredentialsImpl - Class in io.jenkins.plugins
FrugalCredentialsImpl(CredentialsScope, String, String, String, String) - Constructor for class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalCredentialsImpl
FrugalCredentialsImpl.DescriptorImpl - Class in io.jenkins.plugins
FrugalCredentialsOps - Class in io.jenkins.plugins
This class handles operations associated with credentials
FrugalCredentialsOps() - Constructor for class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalCredentialsOps
FrugalFetchTestDetails - Class in io.jenkins.plugins
This class is responsible for providing us a way to fetch test details of a user
FrugalFetchTestDetails() - Constructor for class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalFetchTestDetails
FrugalServerDetails - Class in io.jenkins.plugins
This class mainly consists of details which would be used throughout the code
FrugalServerDetails() - Constructor for class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalServerDetails


getAllCredentials() - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalCredentialsOps
getCredentials(String) - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalCredentialsOps
getDescriptor() - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalBuildStepDescriptor
getDisplayName() - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalAction
getDisplayName() - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalBuildStepDescriptor
getDisplayName() - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalCredentialsImpl.DescriptorImpl
getIconFileName() - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalAction
getLog(String, JSONObject) - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalFetchTestDetails
getRunTag() - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalBuildStep
getServerUrl() - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalBuildStep
getServerUrl() - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalBuildStepDescriptor
getTestId() - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalBuildStep
getUrlName() - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalAction
getUserId() - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalBuildStep


ICONPATH - Static variable in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalServerDetails
io.jenkins.plugins - package io.jenkins.plugins
isApplicable(Class<? extends AbstractProject>) - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalBuildStepDescriptor
isGetJtl() - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalBuildStep


NO_REQUIREMENTS - Static variable in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalCredentialsOps


perform(Run<?, ?>, FilePath, Launcher, TaskListener) - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalBuildStep


serverUrl - Variable in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalBuildStep
SERVERURL - Static variable in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalServerDetails
setDisplayName(String) - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalAction
setIconFileName(String) - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalAction
setReportUrl(String) - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalAction
setServerUrl(String) - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalBuildStep
setServerUrl(String) - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.FrugalBuildStepDescriptor
C D F G I N P S 
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