Package com.michelin.cio.hudson.plugins.clearcaseucmbaseline

Class Summary
BuildVariableResolver This VariableResolver enhances the one defined by the ClearCase plugin (cf.
ClearCaseUcmBaselineParameterDefinition Defines a new ParameterDefinition to be displayed at the top of the configuration page of AbstractProjects.
ClearCaseUcmBaselineParameterValue This class represents the actual ParameterValue for the ClearCaseUcmBaselineParameterDefinition parameter.
ClearCaseUcmBaselineSCM This class is of no real use and is only there for a "ClearCase UCM baseline" option to be displayed in the "Source Code Management" section of the configuration screen of AbstractProjects.
ClearToolUcmBaseline This class defines the cleartool command for use by ClearCaseUcmBaselineParameterValue.createBuildWrapper(hudson.model.AbstractBuild).

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