Class ExportedDescribableParameter

  • @ExportedBean
    public class ExportedDescribableParameter
    extends Object
    Exportable form of DescribableParameter
    • Field Detail

      • param

        protected final org.jenkinsci.plugins.structs.describable.DescribableParameter param
    • Constructor Detail

      • ExportedDescribableParameter

        public ExportedDescribableParameter​(org.jenkinsci.plugins.structs.describable.DescribableParameter param)
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        public String getName()
        Name of the parameter See DescribableParameter.getName()
      • getIsRequired

        public boolean getIsRequired()
        Indicates this parameter is required See DescribableParameter.isRequired()
      • getType

        public String getType()
        Java class name for the parameter See DescribableParameter.getErasedType()
      • getCollectionTypes

        public List<String> getCollectionTypes()
        Java types allowed if this is a collection See DescribableParameter.getType() and ParameterType.getActualType()
      • getCapitalizedName

        public String getCapitalizedName()
        Capitalized name of the parameter See DescribableParameter.getCapitalizedName()
      • getIsDeprecated

        public boolean getIsDeprecated()
        Indicates this parameter is deprecated See DescribableParameter.isDeprecated()
      • getHelp

        public String getHelp()
                       throws IOException
        Help HTML (in English locale) for this parameter if available, else null See DescribableParameter.getHelp()
      • getDescriptorUrl

        public String getDescriptorUrl()