Class RemotingVersionInfo

  • public class RemotingVersionInfo
    extends Object
    Provides information about Remoting versions used within the core.
    unrestricted since 2.104, initially added in 2.100.
    Oleg Nenashev
    • Method Detail

      • getEmbeddedVersion

        public static VersionNumber getEmbeddedVersion()
        Returns a version which is embedded into the Jenkins core. Note that this version may differ from one which is being really used in Jenkins.
        Remoting version
      • getMinimumSupportedVersion

        public static VersionNumber getMinimumSupportedVersion()
        Gets Remoting version which is supported by the core. Jenkins core and plugins make invoke operations on agents (e.g. MasterToSlaveCallable) and use Remoting-internal API within them. In such case this API should be present on the remote side. This method defines a minimum expected version, so that all calls should use a compatible API.
        Minimal Remoting version for API calls.