Package hudson.util

Class SequentialExecutionQueue

    • Constructor Detail

      • SequentialExecutionQueue

        public SequentialExecutionQueue​(ExecutorService executors)
    • Method Detail

      • getExecutors

        public ExecutorService getExecutors()
        Gets the base underlying executors.,
      • setExecutors

        public void setExecutors​(ExecutorService svc)
        Starts using a new ExecutorService to carry out executions.

        The older ExecutorService will be shut down (but it's still expected to complete whatever they are doing and scheduled.)

      • isStarving

        public boolean isStarving​(long threshold)
        Returns true if too much time is spent since some Runnable is submitted into the queue until they get executed.
      • getInProgress

        public Set<Runnable> getInProgress()
        Gets Runnables that are currently executed by a live thread.