Class AccessDeniedException3

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    public class AccessDeniedException3
    AccessDeniedException with more information.
    Kohsuke Kawaguchi
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    • Field Detail

      • authentication

        public final authentication
        This object represents the user being authenticated.
      • permission

        public final Permission permission
        This object represents the permission that the user needed.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AccessDeniedException3

        public AccessDeniedException3​( authentication,
                                      Permission permission)
      • AccessDeniedException3

        public AccessDeniedException3​(Throwable t,
                                      Permission permission)
    • Method Detail

      • reportAsHeaders

        public void reportAsHeaders​(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse rsp)
        Reports the details of the access failure in HTTP headers to assist diagnosis.
      • report

        public void report​(PrintWriter w)
        Reports the details of the access failure. This method is similar to reportAsHeaders(HttpServletResponse) for the intention but instead of using HTTP headers, this version is meant to go inside the payload.