Class SwapSpaceMonitor.MemoryUsage2

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    public static class SwapSpaceMonitor.MemoryUsage2
    extends org.jvnet.hudson.MemoryUsage
    Memory Usage.

    MemoryUsage + stapler annotations.

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    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • MemoryUsage2

        public MemoryUsage2​(org.jvnet.hudson.MemoryUsage mem)
    • Method Detail

      • getTotalPhysicalMemory

        public long getTotalPhysicalMemory()
        Total physical memory of the system, in bytes.
      • getAvailablePhysicalMemory

        public long getAvailablePhysicalMemory()
        Of the total physical memory of the system, available bytes.
      • getTotalSwapSpace

        public long getTotalSwapSpace()
        Total number of swap space in bytes.
      • getAvailableSwapSpace

        public long getAvailableSwapSpace()
        Available swap space in bytes.