Class PlainTextConsoleOutputStream

All Implemented Interfaces:
Closeable, Flushable, AutoCloseable

public class PlainTextConsoleOutputStream extends LineTransformationOutputStream.Delegating
Filters out console notes.
Kohsuke Kawaguchi
  • Constructor Details

    • PlainTextConsoleOutputStream

      public PlainTextConsoleOutputStream(OutputStream out)
  • Method Details

    • eol

      protected void eol(byte[] in, int sz) throws IOException
      Called after we read the whole line of plain text.
      Specified by:
      eol in class LineTransformationOutputStream
      in - Contents of the whole line, including the EOL code like CR/LF.
      sz - Specifies the length of the valid contents in 'b'. The rest is garbage. This is so that the caller doesn't have to allocate an array of the exact size.