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Class ResponseHeaderFilter

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public class ResponseHeaderFilter extends Object implements javax.servlet.Filter
This filter allows you to modify headers set by the container or other servlets that are out of your control. The particular headers you wish to change are configured in web.xml.

One particular header you you may wish to deal with is "Cache-Control: no-cache" This is a problem with Tomcat when security is used. Continue reading for further details.

If a web app has a <security-constraint> in its web.xml, Tomcat will add a Cache-Control header to every file it serves from that location. This header will prevent browsers from caching the file locally and this drastically slows down Hudson page load times.

To enable this filter, edit the web.xml file to include:

             <param-value>max-age=86400, public</param-value>

 And down below that:


In the case of the tomcat cache problem, it is important that the url-pattern for the filter matches the url-pattern set for the security-constraint.

Mike Wille
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    • ResponseHeaderFilter

      public ResponseHeaderFilter()
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    • init

      public void init(javax.servlet.FilterConfig filterConfig) throws javax.servlet.ServletException
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      init in interface javax.servlet.Filter
    • doFilter

      public void doFilter(javax.servlet.ServletRequest req, javax.servlet.ServletResponse resp, javax.servlet.FilterChain chain) throws IOException, javax.servlet.ServletException
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      doFilter in interface javax.servlet.Filter
    • destroy

      public void destroy()
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      destroy in interface javax.servlet.Filter