Interface JarLoader

  • public interface JarLoader
    Remoting interface to allow the other side to retrieve a jar file from the checksum advertised in ResourceImageInJar.

    Channel exposes this as a remote property under the key OURS, then once retrieved we store it in a local property under THEIRS.

    Kohsuke Kawaguchi
    • Method Detail

      • writeJarTo

        void writeJarTo​(long sum1,
                        long sum2,
                        OutputStream sink)
                 throws IOException,
        Retrieve the jar file image. This method is called by the other side to receive the jar file. This call implicitly has the effect of notifyJarPresence(long, long)
        sink - This stream receives the jar file.
        InterruptedException - Since this is a remote call, if the calling thread gets interrupted while waiting for the completion of the call, this exception will be thrown.
      • notifyJarPresence

        void notifyJarPresence​(long sum1,
                               long sum2)
        Called by the other side to notify that they already own the jar file of the given checksum. This allows this side to send ResourceImageRef smartly by avoiding unnecessary image transport.
      • notifyJarPresence

        void notifyJarPresence​(long[] sums)
        sums - Array of even length. sums[2i] and sumes[2i+1] are paired up and interpreted as one checksum.
      • isPresentOnRemote

        boolean isPresentOnRemote​(hudson.remoting.Checksum sum)
        Used by the local side to see if the jar file of the given checksum is already present on the other side. Used to decide if the class file image gets sent to the remote or not.