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Uses of GHRepository in org.kohsuke.github

Methods in org.kohsuke.github that return GHRepository
 GHRepository GitHub.createRepository(String name, String description, String homepage, boolean isPublic)
          Creates a new repository.
 GHRepository GHOrganization.createRepository(String name, String description, String homepage, String team, boolean isPublic)
          Creates a new repository.
protected  GHRepository GHPerson.fetchRepository(String name)
 GHRepository GHRepository.fork()
          Forks this repository as your repository.
 GHRepository GHRepository.forkTo(GHOrganization org)
          Forks this repository into an organization.
 GHRepository GHPullRequest.getRepository()
          Repository to which the pull request was sent.
 GHRepository GHCommitPointer.getRepository()
          The repository that contains the commit.
 GHRepository GHPerson.getRepository(String name)
protected  GHRepository GHPerson.refreshRepository(String name)
          Fetches the repository of the given name from GitHub, and return it.

Methods in org.kohsuke.github that return types with arguments of type GHRepository
 Map<String,GHRepository> GHPerson.getRepositories()
          Gets the repositories this user owns.
 Map<String,GHRepository> GHTeam.getRepositories()
 List<GHRepository> GHOrganization.getRepositoriesWithOpenPullRequests()
          List up repositories that has some open pull requests.

Methods in org.kohsuke.github with parameters of type GHRepository
 void GHTeam.add(GHRepository r)
 GHTeam GHOrganization.createTeam(String name, GHOrganization.Permission p, GHRepository... repositories)
 void GHTeam.remove(GHRepository r)

Method parameters in org.kohsuke.github with type arguments of type GHRepository
 GHTeam GHOrganization.createTeam(String name, GHOrganization.Permission p, Collection<GHRepository> repositories)
          Creates a new team and assigns the repositories.

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