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abortScan(int) - Method in interface
addTriagedVuln(HttpTypes.Vuln) - Method in class
addUntriagedVuln(HttpTypes.Vuln) - Method in class
ALL_FILES_PATTERN - Static variable in class
Pattern used to get all files from directory or directory structure .* stands for anything but newlines.
ALL_FILES_REGEX_STRING - Static variable in class
String used as regexp to get all files from directory or directory structure .* stands for anything but newlines.
ApiAuthenticationException - Exception in
ApiAuthenticationException() - Constructor for exception
ApiAuthenticationException(String) - Constructor for exception
ApiException - Exception in
ApiException() - Constructor for exception
ApiException(String) - Constructor for exception
ApiException(Throwable) - Constructor for exception


backend(String, URL, Run, boolean) - Static method in class
Main entry point for building a backend implementation in run-time.
BuildVerdict - Class in
A collect all class for protecode scan result/build status
BuildVerdict(boolean) - Constructor for class


checkResponse(Headers, int) - Static method in class
Checks the headers to determine whether BDBA is up and running
cleanJobName(String) - Static method in class
Returns only the first part of the job name.
CLIENT_NAME - Static variable in class
Client name to be used in http headers.
code() - Method in class - package - package - package - package - package
Component() - Constructor for class
Configuration - Class in
A convenient location to store variables which can easily be found and edited
Configuration() - Constructor for class
configure(StaplerRequest, JSONObject) - Method in class
connectionOk() - Method in class
Test the connection with a HEAD call.
connectionOk(ConnectionStatus) - Static method in class
Checks connection status for errors.
ConnectionStatus - Class in
ConnectionStatus(Response) - Constructor for class
ConnectionStatus(IOException) - Constructor for class
contentLength() - Method in class
contentType() - Method in class
createRemoteDirectory(String, FilePath, TaskListener) - Static method in class
Creates a directory in the specified workspace.


defaultDontZipFiles - Static variable in class
defaultEndAfterSendingFiles - Static variable in class
defaultFailIfVulns - Static variable in class
Read from jelly
defaultTimeout - Static variable in class
Read from jelly
deleteFiles(int) - Method in interface
deleteResult(int) - Method in interface
DescriptorImpl() - Constructor for class
Details() - Constructor for class
doCheckCustomHeader(String) - Method in class
doCheckDirectoryToScan(String) - Method in class
doCheckPattern(String) - Method in class
doCheckProtecodeScGroup(String) - Method in class
doCheckProtecodeScHost(String) - Method in class
doCheckTimeout(String) - Method in class
doFillCredentialsIdItems(Item) - Method in class
dontCheckCert - Variable in class
doPerform(Run<?, ?>, FilePath) - Method in class
doPerform() - Method in class
The logic.


end() - Method in class
equals(Object) - Method in class
Compares the bytes of the sha1sum
error(String) - Method in class
errorIsSet() - Method in class
evaluate(List<FileResult>, BuildVerdict) - Static method in class
Evaluates the results.


FileData() - Constructor for class
FileResult - Class in
TODO, this class is an example of null-pointer fest.
FileResult(String, HttpTypes.UploadResponse, boolean) - Constructor for class
FileResult(String, String) - Constructor for class
FileResult.SerializableResult - Class in


getArtifacts(Run<?, ?>, Pattern, FilePath) - Static method in class
Returns any produced artifacts for the build.
getConvertToSummary() - Method in class
getCredentials(URL, String) - Static method in class
Returns The first suitable credential for the id.
getCredentialsId() - Method in class
getCustomHeader() - Method in class
getDescriptor() - Method in class
getDirectoryToScan() - Method in class
getDisplayName() - Method in class
getDontZipFiles() - Method in class
getEndAfterSendingFiles() - Method in class
getFailIfVulns() - Method in class
getFileNames() - Method in class
Convenience for use when parsing the result.
getFiles(FilePath, boolean, Pattern, Run<?, ?>, TaskListener) - Static method in class
Returns files in a directory
getIncludeSubdirectories() - Method in class
getInstance() - Static method in class
getPattern() - Method in class
getProtecodeScanName() - Method in class
getProtecodeScGroup() - Method in class
getScanOnlyArtifacts() - Method in class
getScanTimeout() - Method in class
getSerializableResults(int) - Method in class
getState() - Method in class
getTask() - Method in class
getUnsafeOkHttpClient() - Static method in class
Group() - Constructor for class
Group() - Constructor for class
groups() - Method in interface
groups(Listeners.GroupService) - Method in class
Fetch groups for a user
Groups() - Constructor for class


HAS_VULNS_DETAILED - Static variable in class
hashCode() - Method in class
hasScanResponse() - Method in class
head() - Method in interface
HttpTypes - Class in
HttpTypes.Component - Class in
HttpTypes.Details - Class in
HttpTypes.FileData - Class in
HttpTypes.Group - Class in
HttpTypes.Groups - Class in
HttpTypes.InfoLeak - Class in
HttpTypes.License - Class in
HttpTypes.Meta - Class in
HttpTypes.Product - Class in
HttpTypes.Results - Class in
HttpTypes.ScanResultResponse - Class in
HttpTypes.ScanState - Class in
HttpTypes.Status - Class in
HttpTypes.Summary - Class in
HttpTypes.Triage - Class in
HttpTypes.UploadResponse - Class in
Response for the call to /api/fetch Response for the call to /api/upload/FILENAME
HttpTypes.Verdict - Class in
HttpTypes.Vuln - Class in
HttpTypes.VulnContext - Class in
HttpTypes.VulnCount - Class in


infoleak(int) - Method in interface
InfoLeak() - Constructor for class
InternalTypes - Class in
InternalTypes() - Constructor for class
InternalTypes.Group - Class in
InternalTypes.VulnStatus - Class in
isApplicable(Class<? extends AbstractProject>) - Method in class
isPublicHost(String) - Static method in class
isUrl(String) - Static method in class
Does a very simple check that is the string provided a valid URL.


JenkinsConsoler - Class in
Used to make nice and concise prints to the jenkins build console.
JenkinsConsoler() - Constructor for class


License() - Constructor for class
Listeners - Class in
TODO: Add error setters for all interfaces
Listeners() - Constructor for class
Listeners.ConnectionStateService - Interface in
Listeners.ErrorService - Interface in
Listeners.GroupService - Interface in
Listeners.PollService - Interface in
Listeners.ResultService - Interface in
Listeners.ScanService - Interface in
log(String) - Method in class
logPure(String) - Method in class


makeSummary(Run<?, ?>, TaskListener) - Static method in class
Writes an xml file read by Summary Plugin
MalformedSha1SumException - Exception in
MalformedSha1SumException() - Constructor for exception
MalformedSha1SumException(String) - Constructor for exception
MAX_REQUESTS_TO_PROTECODE - Static variable in class
The maximum simultaneous requests to BDBA backend.
MAXIMUM_UNZIPPED_FILE_AMOUNT - Static variable in class
This is the limit above which files will be zipped always when using cloud and when using other target with the zipping enabled.
Meta() - Constructor for class


NO_ERROR - Static variable in class
NO_VULNS_DETAILED - Static variable in class


ok() - Method in class


packageFiles(FilePath, List<FilePath>, String) - Static method in class
Method zips files at the location of the first file.
parseEnvironmentVariable(String) - Static method in class
patternOrAll(String) - Static method in class
A convenience method which either returns a pattern which includes all files or a pattern for the given string.
perform(Run<?, ?>, FilePath, Launcher, TaskListener) - Method in class
perform(AbstractBuild<?, ?>, Launcher, BuildListener) - Method in class
poll(int) - Method in interface
poll(Integer, Listeners.PollService) - Method in class
printReportString(List<FileResult>) - Method in class
Print a report of the fileResults.
processUploadResult(HttpTypes.UploadResponse) - Method in interface
Product() - Constructor for class
ProtecodeEvaluator - Class in
ProtecodeEvaluator() - Constructor for class
ProtecodeScApi - Interface in
ProtecodeScConnection - Class in
protecodeScHost - Variable in class
ProtecodeScPlugin - Class in
TODO: There are much too many variables stored on the object level.
ProtecodeScPlugin(String, String) - Constructor for class
ProtecodeScPlugin.DescriptorImpl - Class in
ProtecodeScService - Class in
This class implements and encapsulates the interface towards BDBA.
ProtecodeScService(String, URL, Run<?, ?>, boolean) - Constructor for class
The implementation of the BDBA backend
ProtecodeScServicesApi - Interface in
Used for manually checking connection.


readEnvironmentVariables() - Method in class
readResolve() - Method in class
For backward compatibility.
removeFilePackage(FilePath) - Static method in class
replaceSpaceWithUnderscore(String) - Static method in class
Replaces spaces with underscore in the given line.
report(List<FileResult>, TaskListener, FilePath, Run<?, ?>) - Static method in class
REPORT_DIRECTORY - Static variable in class
Directory to store json reports for scans
ReportBuilder - Class in
Provides static methods for reporting and summaries.
ReportBuilder() - Constructor for class
reportsDirectory(Run<?, ?>) - Static method in class
Convenience method for reports directory.
Results() - Constructor for class


scan(String, String, RequestBody) - Method in interface
scan(String, String, RequestBody, Listeners.ScanService) - Method in class
ScanException - Exception in
ScanException() - Constructor for exception
ScanException(String) - Constructor for exception
ScanException(Throwable) - Constructor for exception
scanFetchFromUrl(Map<String, String>) - Method in interface
scanFetchFromUrl(String, String, Map<String, String>, Listeners.ScanService) - Method in class
Scanner - Class in
The main logic class for operating with BDBA
Scanner(BuildVerdict, String, ProtecodeScService, Run<?, ?>, int, FilePath, TaskListener, String, boolean, boolean, boolean, String, String, String, boolean, boolean) - Constructor for class
scanResult(String) - Method in interface
scanResult(String, Listeners.ResultService) - Method in class
ScanResultResponse() - Constructor for class
ScanState() - Constructor for class
SerializableResult() - Constructor for class
serviceBackend(URL, boolean) - Static method in class
Simple backend for checking the server and such.
setConnectionStatus(boolean) - Method in interface
setConvertToSummary(boolean) - Method in class
setCredentialsId(String) - Method in class
setCustomHeader(String) - Method in class
setDirectoryToScan(String) - Method in class
setDontZipFiles(boolean) - Method in class
setEndAfterSendingFiles(boolean) - Method in class
setError(String) - Method in interface
setError(String) - Method in class
setFailIfVulns(boolean) - Method in class
setGroups(HttpTypes.Groups) - Method in interface
setIncludeSubdirectories(boolean) - Method in class
setPattern(String) - Method in class
setProtecodeScanName(String) - Method in class
setProtecodeScGroup(String) - Method in class
setResultResponse(HttpTypes.ScanResultResponse) - Method in class
setScanOnlyArtifacts(boolean) - Method in class
setScanResult(HttpTypes.ScanResultResponse) - Method in interface
setScanStatus(HttpTypes.UploadResponse) - Method in interface
setScanTimeout(int) - Method in class
setStream(PrintStream) - Method in class
Sha1Sum - Class in
Must be 40 characters long.
Sha1Sum(String) - Constructor for class
start(boolean, boolean) - Method in class
Print start BDBA Jenkins plugin message TODO: take some nice key-value-pair list instead of this 1990-java-style stuff.
status() - Method in interface
Status(String) - Constructor for class
StreamRequestBody - Class in
StreamRequestBody(MediaType, FilePath) - Constructor for class
Summary() - Constructor for class
Summary - Class in
Summary() - Constructor for class


TIMEOUT_SECONDS - Static variable in class
Connection read/write timeout.
timestamp() - Static method in class
Method for getting a nicely formated timestamp.
TOOL_NAME - Static variable in class
Convenience for making sure the tool name is correct.
toString() - Method in class
toString() - Method in class
Override of toString which returns only the bytes of the sha1sum as string
Triage() - Constructor for class
triagedVulnsCount() - Method in class
triagedVulnsCount() - Method in class


UIResources - Class in
UIResources() - Constructor for class
UnsafeOkHttpClient - Class in
UnsafeOkHttpClient() - Constructor for class
untriagedVulnsCount() - Method in class
untriagedVulnsCount() - Method in class
uploadHTTPStatus() - Method in class
UploadResponse() - Constructor for class
UtilitiesFile - Class in
UtilitiesGeneral - Class in
UtilitiesGeneral() - Constructor for class
UtilitiesJenkins - Class in
Utility for Jenkins related functionality.


verdict() - Method in class
verdict() - Method in class
Verdict() - Constructor for class
verdictStr() - Method in class
Vuln() - Constructor for class
VulnContext() - Constructor for class
VulnCount() - Constructor for class
VULNS - Static variable in class
VulnStatus() - Constructor for class


writeTo(BufferedSink) - Method in class


ZIP_FILE_PREFIX - Static variable in class
Used in the zip file name as the identifier for the zip file to be made.
zippingInUse() - Method in class
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