Class NexusContentServiceArtifactURLBuilder

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    public class NexusContentServiceArtifactURLBuilder
    extends AbstractArtifactURLBuilder
    implements IArtifactURLBuilder
    This implementation creates a download link for the given artifact by using an inbuild Nexus service. So this implementation uses the RESTful interface of Nexus to submit the artifact details to the service, and the Nexus service will return the artifact.
    Example: Example
    Further documentation: Sonatype Support
    stephan.watermeyer, Diebold Nixdorf
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      • NexusContentServiceArtifactURLBuilder

        public NexusContentServiceArtifactURLBuilder()
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      • build

        public String build​(boolean pOnlyBaseURL)
        Description copied from interface: IArtifactURLBuilder
        Based on the given details the URL for the artifact is created.
        Specified by:
        build in interface IArtifactURLBuilder
        pOnlyBaseURL - true if only the URI should be returned.
        the URL or the folder where the artifact can be found or downloaded.