Class DirectArtifactURLBuilder

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    public class DirectArtifactURLBuilder
    extends AbstractArtifactURLBuilder
    implements IArtifactURLBuilder
    Provides functionality to retrieve an artifact as a direct link from the repository, such as: https://server/content/repositories/repositoryId/com/thegroup/id/artifactId/version/artifactId-42.tar.gz Limitations: This implementation does not work for snapshots.
    stephan.watermeyer, Diebold Nixdorf
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      • DirectArtifactURLBuilder

        public DirectArtifactURLBuilder()
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      • build

        public String build​(boolean pOnlyBaseURL)
        Description copied from interface: IArtifactURLBuilder
        Based on the given details the URL for the artifact is created.
        Specified by:
        build in interface IArtifactURLBuilder
        pOnlyBaseURL - true if only the URI should be returned.
        the URL or the folder where the artifact can be found or downloaded.