Class RESTfulParameterBuilder

    • Constructor Detail

      • RESTfulParameterBuilder

        public RESTfulParameterBuilder()
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      • create

        public<String,​String> create​(String pRepositoryId,
                                                                           String pGroupId,
                                                                           String pArtifactId,
                                                                           String pPackaging,
                                                                           ValidAndInvalidClassifier pClassifier,
                                                                           String pToken)
        Creates the parameter list for the RESTful service.
        pRepositoryId - the repositoryId.
        pGroupId - the GroupId
        pArtifactId - the ArtifactId
        pPackaging - the Packaging
        pClassifier - the Classifier
        pToken - the Nexus 3 Token.
        the parameters to be used for the request.
      • getRepositoryId

        public abstract String getRepositoryId()
      • getGroupId

        public abstract String getGroupId()
      • getArtifactId

        public abstract String getArtifactId()
      • getPackaging

        public abstract String getPackaging()
      • getClassifier

        public abstract String getClassifier()
      • getContinuationToken

        public abstract String getContinuationToken()
      • getSortOrder

        public abstract String getSortOrder()