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close() - Method in class - package


decorateLogger(Run, OutputStream) - Method in class
DefaultRegexpPairs - Class in
The default regexes (which use is activated by the checkbox 'Default regexp') are defined in this class.
DefaultRegexpPairs() - Constructor for class
DescriptorImpl() - Constructor for class


eol(byte[], int) - Method in class
Execution(StepContext) - Constructor for class


get() - Static method in class
getCompiledRegexp() - Method in class
getDefaultRegexes() - Static method in class
getDisplayName() - Method in class
getDisplayName() - Method in class
getFunctionName() - Method in class
getRegexp() - Method in class
getRegexpPairs() - Method in class
getReplacement() - Method in class
getRequiredContext() - Method in class


isEnabledDefaultRegexp() - Method in class
isEnabledGlobally() - Method in class


LogFileFilterConfig - Class in
This class deals with the plugin configuration and persistence of the data.
LogFileFilterConfig() - Constructor for class
LogFileFilterConsoleLogFilter - Class in
LogFileFilterConsoleLogFilter() - Constructor for class
LogFileFilterConsoleLogFilter(LogFileFilterConfig) - Constructor for class
LogFileFilterOutputStream - Class in
This class deals with the actual filtering of the console using the configured regexes.
LogFileFilterOutputStream(OutputStream, Charset, String, LogFileFilterConfig) - Constructor for class
LogFileFilterStep - Class in
Custom pipeline step that can be used without a node and build wrapper.
LogFileFilterStep() - Constructor for class
LogFileFilterStep.Execution - Class in
Execution for LogFileFilterStep.
LogFileFilterStep.StepDescriptorImpl - Class in
Descriptor for LogFileFilterStep.


onResume() - Method in class


readResolve() - Method in class
RegexpPair - Class in
This class represents a Regexp/Replacement pair.
RegexpPair(String, String) - Constructor for class
RegexpPair.DescriptorImpl - Class in


setEnabledDefaultRegexp(boolean) - Method in class
setEnabledGlobally(boolean) - Method in class
setRegexp(String) - Method in class
setRegexpPairs(List<RegexpPair>) - Method in class
setReplacement(String) - Method in class
start() - Method in class
start(StepContext) - Method in class
StepDescriptorImpl() - Constructor for class
stop(Throwable) - Method in class


takesImplicitBlockArgument() - Method in class
C D E G I L O R S T 
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