Interface TestResultImpl

  • @Restricted(org.kohsuke.accmod.restrictions.Beta.class)
    public interface TestResultImpl
    Pluggable implementation of TestResult.
    • Method Detail

      • getFailCount

        int getFailCount()
      • getSkipCount

        int getSkipCount()
      • getPassCount

        int getPassCount()
      • getTotalCount

        int getTotalCount()
      • getTrendTestResultSummary

        List<TrendTestResultSummary> getTrendTestResultSummary()
        Retrieves results for trend graphs
        test summary for all runs associated to the job
      • getTestDurationResultSummary

        List<TestDurationResultSummary> getTestDurationResultSummary()
        Retrieves duration for history graph
        test duration summary for all runs associated to the job TODO Add API that only loads specific test object, will allow smaller scoped history graphs
      • getCountOfBuildsWithTestResults

        int getCountOfBuildsWithTestResults()
        Determines if there is multiple builds with test results
        count of builds with tests results
      • getFailedSinceRun

        Run<?,​?> getFailedSinceRun​(CaseResult caseResult)
      • getRun

        default Run<?,​?> getRun()
      • getJobName

        String getJobName()
      • getBuild

        int getBuild()
      • getPreviousResult

        TestResult getPreviousResult()
        The test result for the last run that has a test result Null when there's no previous result.
        the previous test result or null if there's no previous one.
      • getTotalTestDuration

        float getTotalTestDuration()