Class CompatibilityWarner

  • public class CompatibilityWarner
    extends Object
    Warns the user in case of possible compatibility issues between this version of the ECU-TEST plugin and the version of ECU-TEST used by the user. Different methods hint at different compatibility issues.
    • Constructor Detail

      • CompatibilityWarner

        public CompatibilityWarner()
    • Method Detail

      • et2022p3AddDebugMessageForSingleBackslash

        public boolean et2022p3AddDebugMessageForSingleBackslash​(Map<String,​String> inputMap,
                                                                 TTConsoleLogger logger,
                                                                 CompatibilityWarner.PackageInfo info)
        Adds a debug message in case the user uses single backslashes in Constants and package parameters (relevant from ECU-TEST 2022.3 upwards).
        inputMap - the map the values of which are checked for single backslashes
        logger - logger where the warnings for single backslashes are written to
        info - information about the kind of values handed as inputMap
        true if any matches are found, else false