Interface AsyncTrendChart

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    public interface AsyncTrendChart
    Provides the trend chart for a job. The trend chart model will be rendered by ECharts: the model of the chart will be obtained using an asynchronous Ajax call.
    Ullrich Hafner
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      • getBuildTrendModel

        String getBuildTrendModel()
        Returns the UI model for an ECharts chart that shows the build trend. The model has to be a JSON representation of a corresponding LinesChartModel instance, that will be inserted into the client side model of the corresponding ECharts instance.
        the UI model as JSON
        See Also:
        for details on how to construct such a model, for an example on how to provide the JSON representation
      • isTrendVisible

        boolean isTrendVisible()
        Returns whether the trend report should be shown.
        true if the trend should be shown, false otherwise