Klasse CoverageJobAction

Alle implementierten Schnittstellen:
Action, ModelObject, io.jenkins.plugins.echarts.AsyncConfigurableTrendChart

public class CoverageJobAction extends io.jenkins.plugins.echarts.TrendChartJobAction<CoverageBuildAction>
Project level action for the coverage results. A job action displays a link on the side panel of a job that refers to the last build that contains coverage results (i.e. a CoverageBuildAction with a Node instance). This action also is responsible to render the historical trend via its associated 'floatingBox.jelly' view.
Ullrich Hafner
  • Methodendetails

    • getIconFileName

      public String getIconFileName()
    • getDisplayName

      public String getDisplayName()
    • getTrendName

      public String getTrendName()
      Returns a label for the trend chart.
      Gibt zurück:
      a label for the trend chart
    • getUrlName

      @NonNull public String getUrlName()
      Angegeben von:
      getUrlName in Schnittstelle Action
      Angegeben von:
      getUrlName in Klasse io.jenkins.plugins.echarts.TrendChartJobAction<CoverageBuildAction>
    • getProject

      public Job<?,?> getProject()
    • getSearchUrl

      public String getSearchUrl()
    • createChartModel

      protected edu.hm.hafner.echarts.line.LinesChartModel createChartModel(String configuration)
      Angegeben von:
      createChartModel in Klasse io.jenkins.plugins.echarts.TrendChartJobAction<CoverageBuildAction>
    • getLatestAction

      public Optional<CoverageBuildAction> getLatestAction()
      Setzt außer Kraft:
      getLatestAction in Klasse io.jenkins.plugins.util.JobAction<CoverageBuildAction>