Klasse TreeMapNodeConverter


public class TreeMapNodeConverter extends Object
Converts a tree of coverage nodes to a corresponding tree of ECharts tree map nodes. The value of the tree map nodes is based on a given metric.
Ullrich Hafner
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    • TreeMapNodeConverter

      public TreeMapNodeConverter()
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    • toTreeChartModel

      public edu.hm.hafner.echarts.LabeledTreeMapNode toTreeChartModel(edu.hm.hafner.coverage.Node node, edu.hm.hafner.coverage.Metric metric, ColorProvider colorProvider)
      Converts a coverage tree of nodes to an ECharts tree map of TreeMapNode.
      node - The root node of the tree to be converted
      metric - The coverage metric that should be represented (line and branch coverage are available)
      colorProvider - Provides the colors to be used for highlighting the tree nodes
      Gibt zurück:
      the converted tree map representation