Class BlueOceanUI

  • public class BlueOceanUI
    extends Object
    Root of Blue Ocean UI
    Kohsuke Kawaguchi
    • Constructor Detail

      • BlueOceanUI

        public BlueOceanUI()
    • Method Detail

      • getDynamic

        public Object getDynamic​(String route)
        Exposes RootRoutables to the URL space. Returns this if none found, allowing the UI to resolve routes. This also has the side effect that we won't be able to generate 404s for any URL that *might* resolve to a valid UI route. If and when we implement server-side rendering of initial state or to solidify the routes on the back-end for real 404s, we'll need to complicate this behaviour :D
      • getUrlBase

        public String getUrlBase()
        The base of all BlueOcean URLs (underneath wherever Jenkins itself is deployed).
      • isDevelopmentMode

        public boolean isDevelopmentMode()
        Have some slightly different behavior in development mode
      • getLang

        public String getLang()
        Get the language associated with the current page.
        The language string.
      • getCrumbToken

        public String getCrumbToken()
        Get the crumb token value
        the crumb token value or empty String if no CrumbIssuer
      • getCrumbRequestField

        public String getCrumbRequestField()
        Get the crumb request field
        the crumb request field or empty String if no CrumbIssuer
      • getNow

        public long getNow()