Interface ErrorPropagatingOutputStream

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        void error​(@CheckForNull
                   Throwable e)
            throws IOException
        Closes the stream and causes the reading InputStream to report an error.

        This method is somewhat like OutputStream.close(), in that it signals the end of a stream. In addition to what the close method does, this method will cause the method (or any other overloaded versions) to throw an IOException with the given throwable as the cause.

        InputStream will report an error only after all the data that has written before is read. IOW, the error will not magically jump over the data that was written.

        This is useful to propagate error over a pipe. If used over a channel with the remoting library that doesn't yet support this, or if the OutputStream isn't connecting to an InputStream, this method behaves exactly like OutputStream.close().

        If OutputStream is already closed or error state is set, this method will be no-op.

        e - if null, this method behaves exactly like OutputStream.close()