Class PluginAutomaticTestBuilder

  • public class PluginAutomaticTestBuilder
    extends Object
    Called by the code generated by maven-hpi-plugin to build tests for plugins.
    Kohsuke Kawaguchi
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      • build

        public static junit.framework.TestSuite build​(Map<String,​?> params)
                                               throws Exception
        params - Various information about the plugin that maven-hpi-plugin adds. As of 1.119, this includes the followings: basedir (String) : directory that contains pom.xml artifactId (String) : artifact ID from the pom.xml packaging (String) : packaging of from the pom.xml (used to determine if the pom is a plugin or not) outputDirectory (String) : target/classes dir where class files and resources can be found testOutputDirectory (String) : target/test-classes. requirePI (String) : either true to verify that all the jelly scripts have the Jelly XSS PI in them or false to ignore any missing ones.