Class SignupPage


public class SignupPage extends Object
The signup page for HudsonPrivateSecurityRealm
  • Field Details

    • signupForm

      public org.htmlunit.html.HtmlForm signupForm
    • signupPage

      public final org.htmlunit.html.HtmlPage signupPage
  • Constructor Details

    • SignupPage

      public SignupPage(org.htmlunit.html.HtmlPage signupPage)
  • Method Details

    • enterUsername

      public void enterUsername(String username)
    • enterPassword

      public void enterPassword(String password)
      Enters the password in password1 and password2. You can then call enterPassword2(String) if you want them to be different.
    • enterPassword2

      public void enterPassword2(String password2)
    • enterFullName

      public void enterFullName(String fullName)
    • enterEmail

      public void enterEmail(String email)
    • submit

      public org.htmlunit.html.HtmlPage submit(JenkinsRule rule) throws Exception
    • assertErrorContains

      public void assertErrorContains(String msg)