Class Listener

  • public class Listener
    extends Object
    Intercepted JDK calls land here.
    Kohsuke Kawaguchi
    • Field Detail

      • TRACE

        public static PrintWriter TRACE
        Trace the open/close op
      • ERROR

        public static PrintWriter ERROR
        Trace the "too many open files" error here
      • EXCLUDES

        public static final List<String> EXCLUDES
        Allows to provide stacktrace-lines which cause the element to be excluded

        public static int THRESHOLD
        If the table size grows beyond this, report the table
    • Constructor Detail

      • Listener

        public Listener()
    • Method Detail

      • isAgentInstalled

        public static boolean isAgentInstalled()
        Returns true if the leak detector agent is running.
      • makeStrong

        public static void makeStrong()
      • openPipe

        public static void openPipe​(Object _this)
      • openFileChannel

        public static void openFileChannel​(FileChannel fileChannel,
                                           Path path)
      • openDirectoryStream

        public static void openDirectoryStream​(DirectoryStream<?> directoryStream,
                                               Path path)
      • openSelector

        public static void openSelector​(Object _this)
      • openSocket

        public static void openSocket​(Object _this)
        Called when a socket is opened.
      • dump

        public static void dump​(OutputStream out)
        Dumps all files that are currently open.
      • dump

        public static void dump​(Writer w)
      • outOfDescriptors

        public static void outOfDescriptors()
        Called when the system has too many open files.